Science, Toxicology and Safety

As part of Natural Extracts Australia’s (the ‘Company’) continuing commitment to ensure the quality of its range of natural pharmaceutical, skincare and industrial products, it has been supported by a great deal of scientific evidence and information. This applies to ingredients, formulations, product development and efficacy. Many of the Company’s products contain clinoptilolite, an active ingredient belonging to the mineral group known generally as zeolites.

This has led to the creation of a scientific compendium. The compendium was prepared and collated by Natural Extracts Research Pty. Ltd. (‘NER’), an Australian private research company. The compendium is a confidential collection and presentation of hundreds of scientific papers, articles, independent reports and product information, all cross referenced for specific categories and pharmaceutical applications. Most importantly, there is also included, the latest in world medical research, human medical trials, anecdotal evidence and scientific results. The compendium could be said to be a repository of the knowledge and information on zeolite and zeolite products.

It is constantly updated and amended by NER and made available to the Company. The compendium includes results of NER’s own scientific research and medical trials, product test results and other associated information accumulated by them. Many tests results and other information are still in progress or have been completed but the results have not been finalised at this time. As results are received and analised, they are updated into the compendium. This also applies to scientific papers and other world-wide information that has been published by other researchers and medical institutions.

The compendium is not a definitive, complete work on zeolites but more a scientific accumulation of the work being conducted by NER and provided to Natural Extracts Australia under a licence agreement. NER has also been commissioned to carry out product research and development and provide updated information on Natural Extracts Australia’s present and future products.

The compendium is a scientific document. Section 1 explains zeolites, their formation, cation exchange, structure and their unlimited uses. Section 2 deals with safety and non toxicity and the relevant references to back up any statements or claims made, and conclusions reached, from research and scientific trials.

Sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 list various scientific papers grouped around common subjects, e.g. zeolite’s use against various diseases in vitro, animals, humans, its reaction with heavy metals, toxic absorption, filtration and many others. Section 9 presents information on cancer and the research and trials that have been undertaken by various researchers into zeolite’s reaction with vitamins, enzymes and other natural therapies.

Section 10 explains the latest product developments and presents a comparison of other zeolite products, their chemical analysis and whether statements or claims made by other manufacturers and suppliers can be substantiated.

Section 11 presents non-scientific, commercial or press articles and associated information on pesticides, plastics, chemicals and other toxic wastes and Section 12 describes the medical trials, tests and research that NER have planned for the future or are already underway.

Where papers or articles are considered relevant to that section, parts of the paper or article, or an abstract of the paper, may be included. At the back of the compendium is the appendix. The number of each abstract is included in [ ] square brackets which corresponds with the Master List.

This Master List contains a complete list of all the scientific papers referenced in the compendium and a number that may not have been specifically mentioned but are still considered relevant. By clicking on the authors’ names in the Master List one can immediately access the relevant internet address and particular article. In addition where documents are very large, (e.g. the collection of zeolite powder patterns containing 586 pages) they have been included in full under their own individual reference.

The compendium is now well over sixteen hundred pages of information, most of which is confidential and only available upon direct, written application. Some of the information, such as safety, non-toxicity and latest medical results have be summarised and made available to registered medical practitioners and other health practitioners through this web site. In addition to the written material there is also an electronic format of the compendium some of which may be made available on a very restricted basis.


Science & Toxicology

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